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SBRA Solutions with in Alden offers the latest security solutions to a multitude of commercial and residential settings. Our cloud based systems are  offering more practical applications to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Our surveillance systems are customizable to allow event monitoring and alerts to inform our clients when an area has been accessed when not authorized.  Our ALPR systems allow clients to see who is coming in and out of the  property. Users are able to create hot list to receive alerts to inform security when a suspicious vehicle has entered. ALPR can replace or work with current access control systems replacing the need for gate code or decals.



SBRA Solutions offers a modern platform for video surveillance. This cloud direct solution eliminates the need for on-site gateways, works with a large number of cameras for plug and play integration and allows for quick configuration.  • Mobile app for fast set-up, automatically detects cameras and installs the latest firmware and configures the camera • Allows administrators to view footage from multiple sites • Allows multiple users with different account privileges • Video storage for up to 90 days in one place • Peace of mind, if you loose a camera our system will alert you • Control cameras through mobile and web apps.

Hardware-free cloud video surveillance

Say goodbye to the out dated, complex on site video recording hardware of the past. Store critical video footage off site in a single secure location. Access and manage your private cloud archive on our web and mobile app.   SBRA solutions offers a user friendly, multi camera and multi location platform that makes managing your video surveillance easier than ever.




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