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We specialize in re-roofing, maintenance, repair and roof system installation to Florida code. Our roofing division serves apartment complexes, homeowners' associations, commercial and industrial developments, and public works projects.

Emergency Repair Services:

When you need us for an emergency situation we are on-call 24 x 7 to meet your demanding needs.

  • Service Department - (exclusive emergency support)

  • Emergency leak repairs

  • Minor repairs and water testing to identify leak sources

  • Skylight repair and replacement


Roofing Services:

- Re-Roofing
- Custom Roofing
- Wood Shake Re-Roof Conversions
- All Wood Repairs and Replacement
- Asphalt Shingles
- Standard Wgt Concrete Roof Tile
- Lightweight Concrete Roof Tile
- Clay Tiles
- Simulated Shakes
- New Roof Construction
- Roof Maintenance
- Roof Leak Repairs
...and much more

Technical Services:

Roof Inspections:
(written reports and photographs, and providing maintenance, repair and re-roofing recommendations)

Roof Budgeting:
(forecast budgeting for future roof replacement and anticipated maintenance and repair costs)

Specification and Bid Proposal Packages:
(preparation of detailed specifications for re-roofing or extensive repairs, in Construction Specifies Institute (CSI format, with flashing detail drawings provided as needed.)

Roof Maintenance & Repair:







Tenant improvement repairs:

Most people may receive a new roof and forget about it until it leaks or needs replacing. Having a reactive approach to your roof system is the wrong way to go about things; by the time severe damage has occurred an expensive repair is the only solution. The best approach is Premier Roofing's maintenance program. Our specialists will regularly inspect your roof, probe areas of potential problem, and find and repair minor problems.

Roofing maintenance needs to be included in the building maintenance budget, if completed on a regular basis; it can actually save your company money.

By using compatible material and certified roofing contractors, you can prevent large unexpected repairs, and costly business interruptions.

Metal Fabrication Services:


A leaky roof is not something to mess around with, especially if you own a commercial or industrial building. Take advantage of our emergency leak repairs in order to put this stress behind you.

Preserve the quality of the interior of your property when you call Alden Contracting and Services LLC.

The moment you notice a leak in your roof, you know who to call:

High quality and superior customer service is our signature at Alden Contracting. We maintain our client's roofs year round to maximize the roof system's life expectancy, and our customer's investment.

Our roofing specialists are highly skilled at producing durable end results with minimal interference to the client's daily operation. This is what sets us apart from other commercial roofing contractors.

Durable Roofing Systems:

Alden Contracting and Services LLC. provides roofing needs to a variety of clients:

  Commercial  & Industrial: 

Manufacturing Plants
Distribution Centers
Industrial Developments
Office Complexes
Shopping Centers
Medical Facilities
Chain Operations


Apartment Complexes

 Public Works: 

Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Parks & Recreation
Historical Buildings


Gov't (Fed-State-Local)
Military Installations
Historical Buildings

At Alden Contracting and Services LLC., we work closely with commercial building owners, developers, property managers and HOA's to guide them through the re-roofing process. We offer many different types of roofing systems that are durable and will protect your investment.

Our contractors work with you to apply a high performance roof system that can accommodate every commercial building. Whether you need a single ply PVC roof that will stand up to years of direct sunlight, down pours and high wind, or modified bitumen that uses fiberglass or polyester fabricated sheets laminated with rubberized asphalt, Premier Roofing CA, Inc. will deliver solid results that will protect your investment for years.

In addition we are also certified by most major manufactures and are highly skilled at bringing our experience to your project. We demand excellence through the entire process.


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